L’elisir d’amore – Oper Köln

“Auch die übrigen Partien sind hervorragend besetzt: Christopher Bolduc ist als Belcore ein glaubwürdiger Casanova mit schönem Bariton, Muskeln und Leoparden-Unterhose…”
Gunild Lohmann, Kölnische Rundschau, 24 Jun 2014

“Der Amerikaner Christopher Bolduc war ein eleganter Belcore mit durchtrainierter Figur, der mit nacktem Oberkörper die Muskeln spielen lassen durfte. Er besitzt einen gut geführten Belcanto-Bariton…”
Klaus Ulrich Groth, Der Neue Merker, 24 Jun 2014

“Wenn Belcore mit seinen Mannen auftaucht, geschieht das…[als] Männerstriptease a la “Chippendales” mit Italo- und Leopardenschlüpfern, da brilliert Christopher Bolduc als Belcore nicht nur gesanglich mit geschmeidigem Kavaliersbariton, sondern sticht mit perfektem Körper und elegantem Hüftschwung noch unter den Tänzern hervor.”
Martin Freitag, Der Opernfreund, 25 Jun 2014

“Bei Christopher Bolduc ist ein ähnlicher Aufstieg sicher nur eine Frage der Zeit. An Fülle könnte seine Stimme zwar noch zulegen, aber ein Kavaliersbariton von hoher Güte ist er schon jetzt. Und seine körperliche Attraktivität kommt beim Belcore bestens zur Geltung.”
Christoph Zimmermann, theaterpur.net, 25 Jun 2014

Schneewittchen – Theater Basel

“…auftrumpfend der dem Bergschen Tambourmajor verwandte Jäger von Christopher Bolduc…”
Peter Hagman, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 21 Feb 2014

“Bariton Christopher Bolduc ist ganz Jäger, vital und kraftstrotzend.”
Christian Fluri, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 22 Feb 2014

“Kraftvoll und vital gibt Christopher Bolduc den Jäger…”
Peter Heuberger, Der Neue Merker, 23 Feb 2014

“Der amerikanische Bariton Christopher Bolduc gab der Figur des Jägers stimmlich Profil…”
Udo Pacolt, Der Neue Merker, 25 Feb 2014

Two Boys – The Metropolitan Opera

“Christopher Bolduc vocalized with a plangent baritone as Brian’s idealized version of Jake.”
Lawrence A. Johnson, New York Classical Review, 22 Oct 2013

“There is the idealized teenager, a lonely, good-looking young man … sung here by the boyish and solid baritone Christopher Bolduc in his Met debut.”
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times, 23 Oct 2013

“Jake … who is played by Christopher Bolduc, a strong baritone in his Met debut.”
Wickham Boyle, EDGE New York, 23 Oct 2013

“Jake … sung warmly by baritone Christopher Bolduc…”
The Editors, New York Observer, 29 Oct 2013

“…Christopher Bolduc, an excellent young baritone.”
Robert Levine, ClassicsToday.com, 1 Nov 2013

L’heure espagnole – Glyndebourne

“Christopher Bolduc … quite stole the show as Ramiro, his light baritone attractive, yet heroic, as is his stage presence as the gauche muleteer.”
– Opera Britannia, 27 Aug 2012

“Christopher Bolduc … a hunky, well-sung Ramiro who looked perfectly at home…”
– Operanotes.wordpress.com, 25 Aug 2012

Don Giovanni – Theater Basel

“Da überrascht einmal der amerikanische Bariton Christopher Bolduc. Er spielt sich bestens in die Rolle des unbedarften, umschwärmten und Kopf bis Fuss selbstverliebten Schnösels. Er ist ein heutiger Don Juan, der seine Grandezza längst auf den Abfallhaufen der Geschichte geworfen hat. Vor allem aber singt Bolduc mit seinem kernigen, agilen Bariton hinreissend, gestaltet die rasanten Figuren mit bestechender Virtuosität und Souplesse, findet auch den richtigen verführerischen Klang. Die halsbrecherische Champagnerarie, die an einer Party von heute zur Bierarie wird, meistert er ausgezeichnet.”
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 31 Jan 2011

“Here surprised the American baritone Christopher Bolduc. He plays perfectly the role of the undiscerning, idolized and head to toe narcissist. He is a modern-day Don Juan who has already thrown his grandeur to the waste heap of history. Above all, Bolduc sings with his gorgeous robust, agile baritone, making the more rapid figures with impressive virtuosity and suppleness, and also has the right seductive sound. The breakneck champagne aria, which in this modern production could be the ‘beer aria’, he handles magnificently.”

The Elixir of Love – Fort Worth Opera

“In my experience Belcore usually lets down the side; not so with dapper Christopher Bolduc, elegant of style and possessing a firm, attractive voice.”
– David Shengold, Opera, Oct 2010

“As Belcore, steely-voiced baritone Christopher Bolduc was amusingly vapid and vain without lapsing into caricature. (In this production, Belcore is a U.S. Army recruiter.)… Other good comic bits came from Bolduc, oafishly cradling Adina’s head while wearing boxing gloves.”
– Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News, Sept 2010

“Christopher Bolduc was suave as the arrogant Belcore.”
Star-Telegram, (Fort Worth, TX), May 2010

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Falstaff – Academy of Vocal Arts

“Baritone Christopher Bolduc … sings and acts with nuanced authority. Bolduc turns Ford’s aria into a tour de force and, in the process, earns an ovation…. [he] gives a master class in interpretive artistry in Ford’s second-act scene with Falstaff.”
– Concerto.net, Nov 2009

Lucia di Lammermoor – Academy of Vocal Arts

“Interestingly enough, the most complete portrayal of the evening, both vocally and dramatically, was given not by the soprano in the title role or the tenor as her beloved but by the baritone who portrayed her wicked brother. Christopher Bolduc gave the finest, most compelling and even sympathetic performance of Enrico I’ve ever seen or heard.”
– Chestnut Hill Local, (Philadelphia), May 2009

“Baritone Christopher Bolduc was a compelling Enrico, a Scottish nobleman who’s gone bankrupt warring against the rival Ravenswood clan. His voice was strong and fiery, and after an almost too-pretty opening scene, he went on to dominate the trio with Raimondo and Normanno. He adopted a slightly more strident tone in later scenes, and when Enrico confronts Lucia at the beginning of Act 2, both his singing and acting were truly impassioned. He brought out the single-mindedness and self-interest in Enrico that pushes his sister into an unwanted marriage and, eventually, over the edge.”
– Courier-Post, (Philadelphia), May 2009

La bohème – Palm Beach Opera

“Baritone Christopher Bolduc, as Schaunard the music student, amused greatly with his Act I tale of playing to a parrot; his singing and acting were secure with his fine flexible baritone.”
– Palm Beach ArtsPaper, Apr 2009

La fiamma – Academy of Vocal Arts

“AVA’s young singers performed admirably Saturday night, none more efficaciously than baritone Christopher Bolduc. Although younger looking than the tenor who sang the part of his son, Bolduc employed his exceptionally beautiful voice to potent expressive and dramatic effect. His singing revealed Basilio’s character within the context of the story without succumbing to its tendency to veer into absurdity.”
– Chestnut Hill Local, (Philadelphia), Jan 2009

“Christopher Bolduc’s highly cultured baritone, ideal at this stage for Schaunard or Silvio, was distinctly light for this heavy dramatic role, and he made a very boyish oldster; yet his fine performance showed the most musical finish of the evening.”
– David Shengold, Opera News, Apr 2009